Rotary Cam Switches  

MKAY Cam Operated Rotary Switches are a set of contacts arranged to make and break in a sequential fashion by which the connected outputs will close and open the circuits. The main areas of operation are in making and breaking and isolation of power circuits and switching of auxiliary circuits. The CAM which does the function of closing and opening of the switch, is designed to suit different circuits of multi-pole and multi-positions.

Rotary Cam Switch has following features:

  • AC Switches Range: 6Amps to 150Amps
  • Standard Front Panel mounting / Base mounting
  • Silver alloy contact tips, double break arrangement enhances electrical life
  • Custom built switching configuration
  • Glass filled polyamide material is used for high dielectric strength
  • Option of various type of knob and handle for operation
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MKAY Power Controls launches Breaker Control Switch specially designed for remote tripping and closing of circuit breaker.

Also recommended wherever severe frequent operation are required and to eliminate the possibility of coil burn out with two consecutive closing operations.

Rated OperationalVoltage             Ue V AC 690
V DC 250
Operational Temperature °C -25° C to 55°C
Resistance to surge Voltage        Uimp kV 6
Rated Thermal Current                Ith A 32
Rated Operation Current AC15    Ie    
220-240V AC A 8
380-440V AC A 5

Short Circuit Protection
HRC Fuse size

A 32
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